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Lakes Entance

Here’s the view from the window where we played at the central hotel


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Count Rockulas Music Feast!


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Hey there all you good peoples,

As you may or may have not noticed we have been hidden away for the last couple of months, but with the return of the warm weather comes the return of Grid Method!

We have a couple of shows in the pipeline so be sure to check out the gig section for the nearest one to you!

Peace out

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Band Night

Cheers to everyone at the footy rooms on Saturday night, a great time was had by all!

Special thanks to Emily Murdica for a fantastic set and joining us for a few songs also.

A very talented young lady, check her out at ….



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It’s alive! Here is the latest addition to my guitar family, a mish mash of various bits and pieces. It needed a bit of work but now she has got a new life.

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Wild Thymes Ahoy!

Yo Ho! We be supporting Monkeys Pirate at Wild Thyme Cafe in Warburton very soon, check the shows page for details and bring a bottle o’ rum!

wild thyme june 8

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Giggly gigs!

Hey there everyone!

We have a couple of shows coming up in the next few weeks, starting with this weekend where we shall be playing a set for the Robbie Scott family fun day.  There’ll be heaps to see and do, including a magician, petting zoo, face painting and much more!  The cost is a gold coin donation at the gate and it’s all going to a great cause.  Bring the kids and your grandparents!  Visit the shows section for more details and a poster.

Below you will find the set times for all the bands playing at ‘Count Rockulas Music Feast’.  We are excited to announce that we will be joined by a couple of very special guests on the day.  Clinton will be playing footy so filling in on bass for us will be the one and only Kevo ‘sicko’ Sparado!  This is a very rare opportunity to see him on an instrument other then the drums, ooh la la!  The other guest that will be joining us on saxophone will be Kelly Laverack!  elseWhere and Hedonistic pleasure fans alike know her well and we are very pleased to have our good friend join us onstage once more.

In light of our special guests, we will be playing some old elseWhere tunes that havn’t been played in a while so don’t miss out on this very rare occasion.  Tickets are cheaper through the band so email us and we can sort you out!




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Pedal Board


I have been asked quite a bit about what gear i use at the moment. Previously I ran the Boss GT-8 multi effects rig, then I switched to the Line6 Pod XT.  These originally appealed to me for the multitude of effects and options available to the user, but after a bit of use I realized that I was using certain effects more then others.  I then decided to just go for those individual pedals and get back to basics. So for all the tech-heads out there, this is the pedal board I currently use for Grid Method and Monkeys Pirate shows.  The board consists of:

* Boss Chromatic Tuner

* Morley Bad Horsie Wah

* Digitech Bad Monkey Tube Screamer

* Boss Digital Delay

* Boss Loop Station

* Fender Channel Switcher

Visit the contact tab if you have any questions or suggestions.

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Back in Black

For those of you keeping tabs on us, you know already that Braedos has recently become a father and is enjoying all the great things that go along with it like changing dirty nappies haha…  drop him a line of congratulations if you wish, and if he ever figures out this internet thing he just might see it!  We visited Archie and the gang yesterday and he is adorable!

I have been in Western Australia for a couple of weeks, soaking up the rays and not doing much at all really.  I did manage to have a jam with some metal heads from Geraldton which was good fun, playing old skool Metallica tunes and general headbangin’ riffage in an old shed up on a hill.  Took me back to the days of being a teen bangin’ out those tunes with my long hair.

On our last night we stayed in a hotel in Perth, I found a cool record shop called ‘Noise Pollution’ where I picked up a couple of guitar discs.  I was chaperoned that night by a good friend and his partner who used to live in Melbourne, who showed me the hot spots around town.  We ended up at ‘The Shed’ where there was a rockin’ cover band called Krank tearing the place a new one.  I managed to have a chat with a couple of guys and gal from the band who were very cool.  Check em’ out if you’re ever round the area.

I haven’t yet caught up yet with Clintos since getting back.  From what I hear he has been working hard as always and is looking forward to having a jam.  I can safely say that I’m also looking forward to getting back into it.  We have a few new tunes to work on, as well as a few old ones to get going again.  We will let you know as soon as we have any gigs coming up, until then stay cool!


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It’s a boy!

Sending out a big congratulations to Braeden and Carly on the birth of Archie on the 2nd March. Everyone is doing great and we hope to have him jammin’ out some grooves soon!